The Foundation’s area of benefit includes most of the Wyre Forest area and parts of the Dudley Metropolitan Borough. Maps of the areas of benefit can be viewed below. 

Persons who have not attained the age of 25 years, or in exceptional cases 30 years, who in the opinion of the Governors are in need of financial assistance and who are resident in the Foundation’s area of benefit may make an application. Preference will be given to those resident in the Ancient Parishes of Wolverley and Cookley shown on the map as ‘Privileged Area of Benefit’.

Any applicant 25 years of age or over will be unable to register. However if you are between the ages of 24 and 30 years of age and feel that your circumstances are exceptional you should contact the Clerk with a full explanation.

Students whose home is within the area of benefit but who are residing at university or college during term time are eligible for a grant or award. Home post codes are checked at registration and any person whose residence, outside term time, is not within the area of benefit will be unable to register. 

The completion of an application form does not confer the right to a grant. Grants are awarded, or not awarded, entirely at the discretion of the Governors. No discussion or correspondence will be entered into unless the Governors consider that there is a need for further information.

For further details or any other enquiries please contact the Clerk.


Wyre Forest area of benefit

Stourbridge area of benefit